PRESENTATION OF THE PARTNER: cooperativa sociale Studio progetto

Studio Progetto is a non-profit organization founded in Valdagno (VI) in 1989. It has been constantly growing up per type of services and number of employees. Now Studio Progetto counts about 250 participants. 

Studio Progetto is inspired by the principles of the World Cooperative Movement: mutuality, solidarity, democracy, involvement, balance and sharing of responsibilities and communitarian spirit. It pursues the general interest of the community towards human promotion and social integration of citizens, managing health, social and educational services and promoting entrepreneurial activities, aimed at providing employment for disadvantaged people.

“We work with the conviction that every person, throughout their existence, needs motivation, services and attention that can contribute to their well-being, towards a continuous evolution of the individual and the territory in which we live.”

In Studio Progetto we work in the areas of: youth and childhood, mental health, disability, health, job placements for disadvantaged people, european projects management, communication and marketing. 

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